What Types Of Coffee Do You Like To Drink?

My favorite brand of coffee is Dunkin’ Donuts, but I drink all different brands and all different types. I like to try new kinds of coffee whenever they are suggested, and in fact, I want to try the Civet poo coffee one of these days. Espresso is one of my favorite types of coffee, as it is very strong. I like any strong coffees, but my favorite brand that I mentioned only makes a medium roast coffee.

Currently, I’m drinking Caramel Cappuccinos, and cappuccinos are one of my favorite types of coffee as well. The ones I have are in K-Cup form, which means I don’t have to add all the other ingredients by myself in order to make that delicious cup of coffee. I also like those Arabic blend coffees that have a very unique taste and give you that jolt that you want.

While I do like cream and sugar with my coffee, I do like my coffee black on occasion, too, especially if I’m trying a new type of coffee. While Caramel Cappuccino is what I’m currently drinking, my favorite flavoring is Mocha. I usually buy a Mocha creamer separately, and I will add it to any type of coffee that I brew.

Cafe Latte is another type of coffee, and it involves mixing espresso with milk. Another version of this type of coffee is the Caf au Lait, which substitutes regular coffee for the espresso that is found in the Cafe Latte. What types of coffee do you like to drink?

There are variations of the different types of coffee as well from country to country. I also have a thing for breakfast blend coffees in the morning. It’s nice when that cup of joe is quite strong in the morning.